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Birthday Planning

We Create, You Celebrate

This event of life is indelible for every single Human Being. Some celebrate it and some celebrate it harder. Hire HJ Planners as your birthday planner no matter how old you are getting we cover every segment of life. This is best way to express your love and affection to your loved ones by making this day special and memorable by hiring the best birthday planner. WE KNOW WHAT MAKES YOUR BIRTHDAY HAPPY !!!

Now customise your birthday event to a next level of customization.

    • Screening a venue
    • Scheduled venue Visits / Meet Ups (Multiple Times)
    • Venue Styling (As per theme)
    • Cinematography/Photography
    • Sound & Lighting
    • Catering
    • Cake ( Customized as per theme)
    • Desserts ( Customized as per theme)
    • Printing Invitations (Customized printed/handmade)
    • Courier Invitations (Can Check)
    • Logistics
    • Wardrobe Designing (Customised)
    • Giveaways and Surprises
    • Video Testimonials and interviews
    • Accommodation for guests (If required)

    PLEASE NOTE: Add up essential components BIT MORE.